Studio Legale Cagnola & Associati was set up in July 2016 and is based in Milan, Italy.
The Firm is specialized in Corporate Criminal Law, an area in which our Team of Professional Lawyers has developed a vast expertise by participating in some of the most relevant national and international trials. Our Team of lawyers provides both legal defense of individuals and corporations in criminal proceedings and advisory services. Studio Legale Cagnola & Associati consistently relies on the most qualified experts and consultants in each area of specialty.

The Firm provides legal assistance throughout Italy.

Our Lawyers also boast a considerable experience with international clients and they are members of the most prestigious International Law Associations.


The firm – with its highly specialised cadre of attorneys – is dedicated to providing to multinationals assistance in preventing corporate criminal liability in a number of ways, including by generating specific anti-corruption protocols. Our professional team, thanks to a 360-degree understanding of corporate criminal law, can provide valuable support to companies wishing to operate in a highly ethical manner in the marketplace. The firm does so by supplementing the company’s Organisational and Management Model (in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001, the Anti-Corruption Law) with measures targeted to prevent corruption and unlawful conduct within the company. The firm also serves its clients by implementing auditing procedures aimed at mitigating the risk of crimes being committed.

In the last few years, our lawyers have often dealt with issues relating to the criminal implications of the anti-money laundering legislation, with a focus on the crimes of money laundering, use of money and assets of unlawful origin, and self-laundering. Our Team has also dealt with the criminal aspects of the offenses governed by Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2007, as well as aspects relating to money laundering and self-laundering deriving from tax offences.

Our legal professionals have closely followed the evolution of the environmental legislation, gaining a considerable experience also in court proceedings. In addition to providing legal advice on criminal environmental issues regarding corporate business activities in the light of the latest reforms implemented in this field, they also assist clients in court proceedings.

Our Team of lawyers assists both individuals and corporations involved in court proceedings relating to banking and financial crimes. Over the years, our professional lawyers have developed a vast experience in criminal matters connected to lending and financial transactions as a result of their participation in high-profile trials in this area.

Our Firm also deals with criminal matters in construction and urban planning, providing strategic advice as well as assistance in court proceedings. Our Team of lawyers has gained experience in this area by closely following the latest developments in the legislation and case law.

Ever since Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 entered into force, our lawyers have dealt with some of the most crucial issues concerning the administrative liability of legal entities for criminal offenses. Our Team provides assistance on criminal issues linked to the development and implementation of organisational models as well as legal defence of organisations involved in criminal proceedings for crimes committed by their employees. Our Team also provides assistance in evaluating the impact that punishable conducts by employees pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 may have on the legal entity.

Our Firm offers professional opinions and advice also with regard to transnational issues. Our legal team also provide assistance in court proceedings for crimes involving breaches of privacy laws.

Our Lawyers provide legal assistance in criminal proceedings for crimes committed against the Public Administration, a field in which they have an extensive experience. Our legal professionals are also investigating the challenges posed by the latest legal provisions and their impact on Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.

Over the years, our lawyers have gained an extensive experience in the field of corporate crimes and in the area of criminal liability connected with insolvency and bankruptcy and have provided assistance in some of the most important trials in this area. They also offer consulting services on debt restructuring and related criminal issues.

Our Team of lawyers provides criminal legal assistance for national and international corporate tax issues. Our services range from legal advice to defence in court proceedings. Over the years, our lawyers have gained a considerable expertise by assisting national and international companies, working in major criminal proceedings, and dealing with the latest and most crucial issues in criminal tax law, such as relocation of companies in foreign countries with favourable tax regimes and permanent organisations.

Our Team of lawyers provides assistance in the area of accidents and occupational health & safety, an area in which they have accumulated a considerable experience by participating in some of the most important trials in this domain. Studio Legale Cagnola & Associati i provides advice on the issues governed by Italian Legislative Decree No. 81/2008 and specifically on accident prevention powers, and assists individuals and legal entities in court proceedings involving accidents and occupational diseases.

Our Firm offers assistance to professionals of the medical and health sector, providing advice and legal defence in court proceedings. To provide the best assistance to its clients, our Firm relies on the vast expertise gained by our professionals.